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Get the most out of your IP Surveillance system with a preventative maintenance service agreement from Cygetic (pty) Ltd. With experienced, honest and dedicated team, IP surveillance experts, we can provide your business with surveillance mainetance servies plans that best suits your business needs and requirements.

Our service are setup with realtime monitoring of your IP security system.

Plans are designed to ensure the following:

General Maintenance Plan Tasks

  1. Customer Support for a set time period per month with emergency call-outs.
  2. Monthly and annual maintenance Inspections. Equipment and programming adjustments during inspection. Annual assessment of your business security requirements.
  3. Fixed price for the term of the agreement.
  4. System must be in a 100% working order when Maintenance commence. See our Project Management Services for assisting to get your system enjine running.
  5. All work carried out on site or remotely, the Senior Technician will also note down any deficiencies in the system and recommend work required to maintain, full, trouble free operation.

Full System Inspection and Testing

  1. Check whether staff have experienced any problems with the system.
  2. Carry out a visual inspection of all major components (including cabling and connections where accessible) for signs of deterioration or damage and rectify as necessary.


  1. Cameras are well connected and are configured for maximum and optimal coverage. Angles are appropriate for your site and lens zooming is in accordance with the camera specifications.
  2. Examine supporting brackets and towers for signs of corrosion and damage.
  3. Check physical condition of cameras and housings for signs of deterioration due to rain, dust and dirt.
  4. Check that field of view is correct by using Smart Software to monitor.
  5. Check that all camera bracket fittings and clamping bolts are tight.
  6. Check that lenses are correctly focused.
  7. Check firmware of camera have its latest version installed.
  8. Clean housings.
  9. Check operation of infrared units, if any.

Clients & Monitors

  1. See to that all Client PC's are well operational.
  2. Check operations of PTZ controls and Monitors.

Video Recording Devices

  1. Do a complete system check on Recordng servers.
  2. Check Time sync of all devices.
  3. Pull full system report to be submitted every month. The system report contains information on the system health status and logs of what happened that month.


IP Network

  1. Do a complete network health check.
  2. Check that the realtime network monitoring application is runnig.


Cygnetic (Pty) Ltd offers support, services and solutions for the High Definition Network Surveillance Market that includes Analytics, LPR (licence plate recognition) and Storage Solutions.

We focus on Open Platform Solutions which are integrated at different security levels whilst specializing in SALTO Access Control solutions which in turn are integrated into the Video Management Solutions and other Access Control Solutions.
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