TrueView Preople Counter

TrueView People Counter®

Developed to count visitors entering a location TrueView People Counter® is the leading application for foot traffic. It is built on the most advanced algorithms for intelligent video available in the world. TrueView People Counter® runs fully embedded in standard ceiling mounted network cameras and automatically counts in real time the number of people passing under the camera and in what direction.

  • Automated system, operating in real time, fully embedded in standard network cameras.
  • Easy to install and setup and infintely scalable.
  • Maintain the application remotely over IP, set and monitor parameters, download or stream video.
  • Seamless integration with TrueView Web Report®.
  • Push counting data automatically from any number of cameras to MySQL based TrueView Web Report®.
  • Two way counting counts people moving in both directions simultaneously.
  • Accurate counting even under high density conditions or with baby carriages or trolleys present.
  • Leading digital image processing minimizes shadow and reflection problems.
  • Open protocol lets you integrate people counting data with POS or other systems.


TrueView One Way

Case scenario

The TrueView One Way® can be used in several different scenarios. Some examples below.
  • Notify the customer that he/she is walking in the wrong direction via an audio output directly from the camera.
  • Notify a security guard via email or SMS that a person is walking in the wrong direction.
  • Close entrance gates if a person is walking out of a store in the wrong direction.
  • Notify the store personnel via blinker or a sound siren that a person is walking out of the store via the entrance path.

TrueView One Way®

If there are desired entrance and exit points at your location TrueView One Way® can help keep the desired paths. TrueView One Way® is built upon the famed TrueView People Counter®. TrueView One Way® and runs fully embedded in standard ceiling mounted network cameras. The application automatically counts in real time the number of people passing under the camera and in what direction. It also gives you the possibility to trigger an alarm if a person is passing in the undesired direction.

TrueView Occupancy

Estimate of average visit time leads to improved accuracy

Traditionally, occupancy levels in a given space are estimated by the amount of IN passages minus the amount of OUT passages. Considering that no people counting solution is 100 % accurate, any missed counts or double counts will be accumulated throughout the day. This has a small effect on visitor reporting, but may result in a potentially large discrepancy when calculating occupancy.

TrueView Occupancy®, is built upon the famed TrueView People Counter®, uses a patent pending counting algorithm that has been developed to continuously analyse behaviour of visitors, and calculate an average visit time. The average visit time is then used to filter away counting errors accumulating throughout the day. The output of the application is an estimated occupancy and average visit time at any given time.
TrueView Occupancy®

TrueView Occupancy® integrates people counting technology into estimating building or shop occupancy levels. Enabling you to get actionable analytics about a physical locations' occupancy and utilization – it is growing in importance towards understanding the flow of people within a building, as well as occupancy and other facility trends.

TrueView Parking

TrueView Parking®

TrueView Parking® is a milestone in parking management and embedded video analytics. The entire system is 100 % IP network based using only standard network cameras and IP supported displays for counting and showing traffic to and from parking facilities. The system requires no auxiliary PC or PLC, no inductive loops and no costly pavement work.

  •     No inductive loops or costly pavement work is required.
  •     Display occupancy level directly from camera.
  •     Fully embedded software for standard network camera.
  •     100 % IP - cost efficient, scalable, maintainable and future proof.
  •     Built in graphs in the camera web interface.
  •     Seamless integration with TrueView Web Report®.
  •     Easy to install and setup.
  •     Maintain system remotely over IP, set and monitor parameters, download or stream video.
  •     Push XML counting data automatically from camera to SQL based TrueView Web Report®.
  •     Unlimited number of cameras to a site or portfolio of sites when combined with TrueView Web Report®.
  •     Two way counting: Counts vehicles moving in two directions simultaneously.
  •     Leading digital image processing minimizes shadow and reflection problems.


TrueView Bicycle

TrueView Bicycle®

The bicycle is one of the most efficient vehicles in terms of road space, parking space, fuel consumption and emissions, making growth in bicycle traffic of vital importance for policy makers. Increased bicycle use can reduce the need for expensive new road infrastructure.
Benefits from bicycle and pedestrian counting

Use your precise knowledge about traffic statistics to:

  •     Improve the cycling infrastructure development and planning.
  •     Follow and analyze trends in cycling traffic activity.
  •     Promote cycling both externally and within your organization.

Counting pedestrian and bicycle traffic

TrueView Bicycle® is a product for counting pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The software installs directly into standard IP cameras. TrueView Bicycle® offers a unique, cost efficient, scalable, and easy-to-install solution. The entire system is 100 % IP network based using only standard network cameras for the counting. The system requires no auxiliary PC or PLC, no inductive loops and no costly pavement work.

TrueView Queue

TrueView Queue®

Decrease service wait time and improve in-store customer experience by matching store personnel with customer traffic

TrueView Queue® is developed especially for queue measurement and analysis. It is also the perfect tool for analyzing other areas of interest in the store as Hot Spots (see below). TrueView Queue® detects queues at for example check out and ticketing that exceed thresholds prompting additional allocation of staff. TrueView Queue® provides retailers with real time actionable insights to enhance the shopper experience without having to rely on manual input. TrueView Queue® also provides possibilities to analyse for how long time queue has been present and how queue time has fluctuated over the cause of the day – giving the possibility to compare store locations and improve staff planning.
Queue measurement

Queue management is an increasingly important issue for retailers across the globe for good reasons: getting till staffing wrong results in lengthy queues, creates a poor image of store operations and can harm potential sales. TrueView Queue® provides average number of people in queue and information about the length of the queue (low, mid or high). The flexibility for the individual retailer is great as the application allows for queue settings to be adopted according to store policy and desired service level.

TrueView Tailgating

Case scenarios

TrueView Tailgating® detects if more than one person passes under the camera during a time interval which is configured from within the application. If more than one person is detected, an alarm is triggered and appropriate action can be taken.
TrueView Tailgating®

TrueView Tailgating® helps overcome the fact that most automated access control systems do not control how many people enter the building when an access card is used, as is the case at many membership clubs, gyms, libraries, study areas, etc. The phenomenon of tailgating is also common in subways and trains.

Trueview Heatmap

Interest Region Statistics

In the upper right corner there is a chart, showing statistics from the interest regions. You can switch between different time intervals using the slider to the right of the chart.

TrueView Heatmap®

TrueView Heatmap is a visual tool for measuring traffic patterns inside retail stores. The product also include a trigger system, which can trigger Axis Events  when certain movement conditions are met. The product gives instant access to where and when shoppers move within the store, making it a perfect to tool to optimize store layout. Color coding is used to indicate where there has been movement in the video.
Real-Time Measurements

If you have defined interest regions, measurements from these regions will be shown in the lower left corner.
TrueView Web Reports®
TrueView Web Reports®

TrueView Web Report® is a web based package that gives instant access to a multitude of data sources such as point-of-sales (POS), foot traffic, weather conditions, etc. The data can be accessed from any physical location via your web browser.

TrueView Web Report® transforms raw traffic data into clear and intuitive charts that allow you to quickly gain in-depth insight to the statistics. Discover trends, patterns or, identify unusual performance with a simple click on your mouse. It lets you unveil performance problems, and helps you to take proper action to improve production, enhance revenue, and increase profitability.

Benefits from TrueView Web Reports®

Let TrueView Web Report® be a central tool to secure and analyze business critical data.

  •     Manage foot traffic, POS and weather data in one place.
  •     Create and distribute reports.
  •     Collect and manage data from any number of units and sites.
  •     Analyze and compare data using interactive graphs.
  •     Compute conversion rate (number of buyer divided by number of visitors).

Cloud Application or Locally installed - the choice is yours

The complete solution can be provided as a cloud application managed by Cognimatics at an anuual fee. It can be configured with  inimum of effort. With just a few clicks, TrueView Web Report® can start receiving data from for example TrueView People Counter®. All data is stored in an open standard database format and data transfer is encrypted to secure the integrity of your data. If prefereed, the software package can also be installed on your own server (Windows or Linux) at a one time cost and optional service and upgrade package after the first year.
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